​Pest Treatments

Why Fast Action Matters

  • The earlier a pest problem is diagnosed and treated, the more effective it will be. This is because the more widespread an infestation becomes, it will require more complex and costly control and extermination procedures. Also, stronger defences will be needed to prevent the pests from returning. Acting quickly can save you a lot of unwanted stress and expense in the future. 

  • Our pest control solutions are as quick, clean and effective as possible. They are tailored to your property and the scale of the problem, giving you the best chance of staying pest-free.

  • Our friendly, knowledgeable specialists can also offer advice on preventative measures you can take to limit the likelihood of the pests returning. We understand the different types of common pests in the area and know how best to keep them away. This will help you to protect yourself and your family, by making sure your home does not continue to attract pests.

How safe are our pest control treatments?

Before we start any pest treatment we carry out an inspection and risk assessment, to determine whether there are any safety issues and discuss whether you have any particular concerns.

The same product that we would use in the local hospital is the same chemical that we use in your home.However, as people, children and pets need to be kept clear during the treatment and remain clear until it is dry, we recommend leaving the home during treatment. If you, your children and pets would rather be present during our treatment, this is not a problem, we ask that you are outside when we are inside, and vice versa. This allows us to complete a thorough treatment without worrying about their safety. When you get back, you will return to a clean, pest-free home!

We provide a pest treatment advice after the treatment is complete, this will outline what products have been applied, what warranties apply and whether there are any specific instructions.

End of Lease Flea Spray (Move Out Spray)

Moving out of a rental property and have a pet? Most Real Estate Agents require you to have your property treated when you move out in case your pet has left any fleas. For a thorough treatment, we spray the inside and outside of the house once you have moved out. We should be the last people through your property before you hand the keys back to your Real Estate Agent so the final bond clean and commercial carpet cleaning must be completed before we treat your property.


Many of our customers have their Annual Termite Inspection carried out at the same time as their General Pest Control, giving them a significant saving over the price of two separate services.

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