Termite Management

Termite Inspections

A "Health check" for your home

Termite inspections in Noosa, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and the surrounding area are a very good idea. With the chances of termites attacking your home more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, it's wise to get a regular termite inspection. Australian Standards recommend you should have a termite inspection at least once a year and more often in areas of high termite presence. Not only do the inspections check to see whether termites are attacking your property or are present in your yard, but they also identify issues around the property that need to be remedied to make it less attractive to termites.

Annual termite inspections are a vital part of home ownership. Although inspections do not prevent termite attacks, they can pick up the first signs of activity before major damage is done and identify conducive conditions that could make a termite attack likely.

The chances of your property coming under termite attack is 12 times greater than a house fire, yet it is not covered by your home insurance! Termite management is often overlooked by home owners, but in reality it is the most important activity property owners need to carry out to protect their biggest investment.

Our inspectors will inspect the following areas of your property:


  • Inside and outside of the home

  • the yard and all outbuildings within 30 meters of the main dwelling, including the boundary fence

  • the roof void

  • the sub floor


When required, we also use a moisture meter and Termatrac motion sensor for suspect areas. From the inspection we prepare a report to Australian Standards which will contain all the information the inspector considers important to reduce the risk of termite attack to your dwelling.

If you don't have a termite management system in place to protect your property, our inspector can also provide termite management options suitable for your home.

What is the difference between a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection and a Termite Inspection?

A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection or more accurately a Timber Pest Inspection is carried out before the purchase of a property (either by the seller and / or buyer). It will assess the property for more than just termites, also looking at borer activity, wood decay, fungus and mould. Given its importance in the sales process, an agreement needs to be signed before an inspection is carried out.

In contrast, the Standard Termite Inspection is carried out by property owners as part of their normal property maintenance routine. Normally these inspections are carried out on an annual basis, but sometimes more frequently on properties with a higher risk of termite attack. No pre-inspection agreement is required and the inspection is focused solely on termites. (However, if we spot wood decay or borer issues, we will let you know!)

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