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“Termites can significantly reduce the value of your home. According to the CSIRO, termites cause $780 million of damage in Australia each year.” 

Termite Treatments (Live termites)

What should I do if I find live Termites in my house or yard?

If you discover live termites, DON'T disturb them or spray them with anything. Call us on 5474 0767 straight away and we will come to your property as soon as we can. As tempting as it is to try and kill the termites yourself, the best thing you can do is do nothing so when we arrive we can see exactly what the situation is and treat accordingly.

If you disturb the termites, they will disappear from the area you found them and move somewhere else nearby so it is best to leave them alone and have them treated by one of our professionally trained technicians as soon as possible.

Termite Inspections

A "Health check" for your home

Termite inspections in Noosa, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and the surrounding area are a very good idea. With the chances of termites attacking your home more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, it's wise to get a regular termite inspection. Australian Standards recommend you should have a termite inspection at least once a year and more often in areas of high termite presence. Not only do the inspections check to see whether termites are attacking your property or are present in your yard, but they also identify issues around the property that need to be remedied to make it less attractive to termites.

Annual termite inspections are a vital part of home ownership. Although inspections do not prevent termite attacks, they can pick up the first signs of activity before major damage is done and identify conducive conditions that could make a termite attack likely.

The chances of your property coming under termite attack is 12 times greater than a house fire, yet it is not covered by your home insurance! Termite management is often overlooked by home owners, but in reality it is the most important activity property owners need to carry out to protect their biggest investment.

Our inspectors will inspect the following areas of your property:


  • Inside and outside of the home

  • the yard and all outbuildings within 30 meters of the main dwelling, including the boundary fence

  • the roof void

  • the sub floor


When required, we also use a moisture meter and Termatrac motion sensor for suspect areas. From the inspection we prepare a report to Australian Standards which will contain all the information the inspector considers important to reduce the risk of termite attack to your dwelling.

If you don't have a termite management system in place to protect your property, our inspector can also provide termite management options suitable for your home.

What is the difference between a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection and a Termite Inspection?

A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection or more accurately a Timber Pest Inspection is carried out before the purchase of a property (either by the seller and / or buyer). It will assess the property for more than just termites, also looking at borer activity, wood decay, fungus and mould. Given its importance in the sales process, an agreement needs to be signed before an inspection is carried out.

In contrast, the Standard Termite Inspection is carried out by property owners as part of their normal property maintenance routine. Normally these inspections are carried out on an annual basis, but sometimes more frequently on properties with a higher risk of termite attack. No pre-inspection agreement is required and the inspection is focused solely on termites. (However, if we spot wood decay or borer issues, we will let you know!)

Termite Management Systems 

Termite Management for Existing Homes

For existing homes there are a number of termite management options available, each with varying costs, durability and maintenance requirements. We suggest a comprehensive approach to Termite Management which involves three key components:

  • Making conditions around the building less attractive to termites

  • Having an annual professional Termite Inspection 

  • Installing a Termite Management System around the building to provide lasting protection

Termite management systems are the best way to protect your home from termites. When combined with regular Termite Inspections, they greatly reduce the chances of termite attack on your property. The important point to remember with all Termite Management Systems is that they are designed to prevent termites from gaining concealed (hidden) entry into your home. 

Broadly speaking there are two types of Termite Managements Systems that are used to protect existing buildings from termites:

  • Liquid Soil Treatments - liquid insecticide is installed around the perimeter of the property creating a treated zone which either repels or kills termites

  • Termite Baiting Systems - Bait stations are placed in the ground around the property. Any termites in the area will start feeding on the bait in the station, when they do the pest manager treats the active termites in the station . The termites do the rest by taking the  treatment  back to the nest, killing the colony.

Liquid Soil Treatments


Localised Treatments can be used to halt termite activity and deter further entry to the treated area but won’t prevent termites from finding an alternative route through untreated areas.    

Full Perimeter Treatments offer the best protection from undetected termite entry as they provide a continuous barrier around the whole building.

Two types of chemicals can be used:  

Repellent chemicals are easily detected and strongly avoided by termites. If access prevents some areas being treated, or if treated areas are later compromised, termites can recognize the gaps and enter through them


Non Repellent chemicals are not detected by termites. As they don’t avoid the chemical, they will pass through and die from contact with it.  Individual termites exposed to the chemical will also pass on the chemical to other members of the colony and cause a compounding effect. 

As termites don’t detect non repellents, they don’t recognize any difference between treated and untreated areas so entry through possible gaps is far less likely.      



A Reticulation System is a specially designed pipe system used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding a structure. This creates an impenetrable barrier (if repellent termiticides are used) or a death-trap for unsuspecting foraging termites (in the case of non-repellent termiticide chemicals) that move through impregnated soil.

TermX Reticulation Systems are specially engineered systems designed to deliver chemical termite treatments as a preventative measure for termites.  We lay a series of the pipe systems around or underneath a structure.  Then at a later stage, chemical is pumped through the pipes to create a barrier of protection.  Once installed the system allows for quick application of a treatment to protect your most valued assets.

Termite Baiting Systems

If termite bait stations are recommended as the most effective termite management system for your home or building, Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections suggests installing one of the following types of stations.


Sentricon Always Active Stations

Sentricon® AlwaysActive™ is the new and very different way of continuously protecting your home against termites, harnessing the natural behaviour and biology of termites, together with a highly effective termiticide.
Sentricon AlwaysActive is a highly effective solution that offers the safety of a baiting system and the continuous protection of a chemical barrier.
Sentricon AlwaysActive is a unique and environmentally sensitive termite control system that protects your home all day, every day from day one. Eliminating termites before they are even discovered.

Q: How Does Sentricon Always Active Work?

A: Installed strategically and discreetly around the home in the prime foraging areas, the Sentricon station provides a window into the world of the termites. The random and continuous foraging of the termites will be directed to the In-Ground stations.
The stations contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods which the termites find more palatable and more attractive than wood. The termites feed on the termiticide rods on mass, tunnel back to the nest all the while unaware that it is detrimental to their survival. The active ingredient in Sentricon AlwaysActive is what’s called an insect growth regulator, which means it is specific and deadly to termites, but safe to you and your family. Termites periodically shed their skin (moult), and this process is interrupted once ingestion of the Sentricon AlwaysActive occurs. An inability to moult results in the death of the workers, and ultimately leads to the elimination of the entire colony.

Q. How long does Sentricon AlwaysActive last?
A: The Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod that is in every Sentricon station has been shown to be effective for up to five years in Australian conditions. We recommend a full review of the system five years after installation.

Q: How is Sentricon AlwaysActive different from other methods of termite protection?
A: Current termite management systems are either a chemical barrier or a baiting system. Sentricon AlwaysActive is unique as it combines the best of both, without any of their drawbacks. Sentricon stations are placed strategically and discreetly around your home
to form a continuous barrier. The Sentricon stations contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods, making it activen immediately upon installation – termites may begin to be eliminated before they are discovered! Sentricon AlwaysActive offers the safety of a baiting system and the immediate protection of a chemical barrier.

Q: How will Sentricon AlwaysActive protect my home from termites?
A: It eliminates the termite colony. As soon as termites find a Sentricon station they begin feeding on the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod, then share it with other termites in their colony to begin the colony elimination process. As the rods are always in the Sentricon stations, it provides continuous protection from termites. The proof is in 30 independent university studies and 60 published scientific articles.

Exterra Termite Baiting System 

Exterra is a truly safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites. EXTERRA uses a termites' natural instincts against them, eliminating the attacking termite AND their whole colony. Even after the colony is eliminated, EXTERRA Stations guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals. By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that's easy on both you and the environment. 

EXTERRA. The World’s number one termite protection.

Your EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System is there to protect you from the invasion of termites, continually.


EXTERRA Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites. Once intercepted, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is added to the large EXTERRA Station. The termites feed on the REQUIEM and the colony is eliminated easily and quickly, right at the point of termite attack.


A unique Standard for ongoing protection.

The elite EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System, with its unique Termite Interception Zone™ encircling your home is THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home.

This complete and continuous zone is created by using patented FOCUS Termite Attractant™ in each Station so termites are intercepted before they reach your home.


Guaranteed protection.

You can be confident in choosing the EXTERRA elite termite management system. EXTERRA and your professional pest manager will protect your home, so you can forget about termite problems.

Rest assured the termites will be eliminated, year in, year out, for as long as you maintain your EXTERRA system.


Environmentally friendly, family safe protection.

Don’t even think about the old fashioned methods of spraying hundreds of litres of toxic chemicals around your home. Think what that could do to you and your family. EXTERRA utilises closed and locked Stations with a termite bait less toxic than table salt! You get protection, a product that actually eliminates the entire termite colony and does so without harming the environment and is safe for you, your family and pets!


THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone™ around your home


Independent studies, published in several peer reviewed Scientific Journals, have confirmed that termites follow a low level CO2 trail to find their preferred timbers for feeding.

EXTERRA uniquely mimics this through the use of our patented FOCUS Termite Attractant. This natural product is added under each Station, where it reacts with the soil microbes to naturally evolve a scientifically-engineered concentration of CO2 that draws the termites into the EXTERRA Stations.

EXTERRA Stations are nearly four times larger than most other Stations, so once the termites start to follow the CO2 trail they quickly find the EXTERRA Stations. FOCUS Termite Attractant produces a two metre radius “Termite Interception Zone” around each EXTERRA Station, which means that when a termite comes within two metres of your EXTERRA Station it will be attracted by just the right amount of CO2 and follow the gourmet trail into the EXTERRA Station. That means its last supper time and the colony is eliminated, keeping your home safe.

Termites and renovating

If planning to renovate, you should consider the impact of the proposed work on your termite management system. Building footpaths, garden beds, patios, pergolas or landscaping/laying turf may cause your termite management system to be less effective and allow an infestation.

Pre Construction - Reticulation

Chemical Treatment – Reticulation


A convenient means of re-treating

under slabs is through a reticulation

system. Reticulation systems need to

be installed under the slab prior to

pouring concrete. A reticulation system

will allow periodic re-charging from

outside the building.

Pre Construction - Kordon

Termite Management Systems - New Homes / Extensions / Renovations

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, a termite management system must be installed as per the Australian Standard 3660.1 The purpose of this system is to deter undetected termite entry into the building. 

Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections is an accredited Kordon Installer and accredited Kordon Inspector servicing the northern end of the Sunshine Coast.

Kordon Installations: From new homes, to extensions and renovations, we are able to install and warrant Kordon to the requirements of the Builder or Home Owner.

Kordon Inspections: If a home has had Kordon installed as part of its termite protection requirements, we are licensed to carry out the Annual Termite Inspections required by Bayer to maintain and extend the warranty on the Kordon product.

What is Kordon?

Kordon TB is a flexible termite protection system that offers a combined physical and uniquely repellent   termite protection, when installed in conjunction with a concrete slab poured to AS 2870. Kordon TB can be installed as a perimeter termite barrier to all building types such as in-fill slabs, waffle pods, slab edge rebates or bearer and joist construction. Kordon TB can also be installed as a termite protection system for pipes and penetrations.

Kordon TMB is a complete underslab barrier, providing both termite and moisture protection. Kordon TMB is installed on the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid. All slab penetrations are individually protected by Kordon TMB as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon TMB.


This robust material can easily be moulded or cut and joined to fit complex design features.  
Kordon comprises polyester webbing containing deltamethrin laminated between two UV stable, low-density polyethylene sheets. Its repellency creates an unpleasant environment for foraging termites and the spread of active ingredient is 100% consistent across the entire surface.


  • Fully compliant with the Australian Building Code.

  • Bayer provided 10 Year,  structural timber replacement warranty.

  • Fifty year – Life of the building termite protection.

  • Kordon is both enviromentally friendly and free of allergens.

  • Kordon is an Australian developed and manufactured product.

  • Bayer Environmental Science provide global backing for Kordon.

  • Approved for use in ‘allergen-free’ construction

  • Kordon is CodeMark certified that it meets all the requirements of the Australian Building Code

How does Kordon work?

Kordon is a flexible laminate that is installed in the building during the construction process to prevent concealed access by subterranean termites. Kordon contains deltamethrin which is highly repellent to termites.

Subterranean termites (termites) are social insects that live in a colony like bees and ants. Typically they form a nest in the soil or near ground level in a stump or trunk of a tree. They eat cellulose which is found in timber and timber products such as paper. Attack by termites originates from the nest. Foraging termites will seek cellulose up to 50 m or more from their nest. Wood or timber lying or buried is reached by underground tunnels built by the termite workers. Timber above ground may be reached inside the timber or via mud walled tubes plastered to exposed surfaces. These tubes are built by the termites to shelter them from the light and maintain humidity. There are more than 350 species in Australia and about 30 are classified as economically important – that is they attack timber in buildings.

As well as eating timber, termites can damage non-cellulose materials such as soft concrete, soft metal and plastic, building sealants and foam insulation.

Cracks in concrete and the gap around pipes penetrating through the concrete slab offer easy access to termites. Kordon is installed where termites may attempt to gain access to the timber in a building. The deltamethrin in Kordon is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it. Where Kordon is installed the termites will seek cellulose elsewhere or seek to go around the Kordon. When seeking to go around the Kordon the termites will build their mud tubes which will be detected during an inspection.  Steps can then be taken to eliminate the termite colony before significant damage can be done. When termites get concealed access, such as when Kordon is not installed, access is gained for a long period resulting in significant and expensive damage.

Tremendously effective & ideal for virtually all building applications the Kordon Termite Barrier system gives you the highest level of termite protection for your property.


Kordon Warranty:


The extensive testing of Kordon by Bayer and various independent authorities has established that the barrier should remain effective for over 50 years – the commercial life of a building. Additionally when correctly installed by a currently accredited Kordon installer, Bayer provides a 10-year $100,000 structural timber replacement warranty against termite penetration. Upon completion of the building project, Bayer and the accredited installer provide a comprehensive set of documentation to the building owner. The Kordon documentation that will be supplied to the home owner includes the following:

  • The Kordon 10-year Warranty.

  • A Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standard 3660.1-2000 and the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • An Installation Report detailing exactly where Kordon has been installed.

  • The Annual Inspection Sticker to record the date of regular inspection.

INSERT LINK TO KORDON WARRANTY (Currently a separate link to Bayer Protection)

Pre Construction - TERM-seal

Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections is an accredited installer of TERM-seal products specializing in TERM-seal Multi Purpose Coating and TERM-seal Active Sealant. We are also licensed water proofers so can sign any certification required for new or existing dwellings that require a two in one solution. TERM-seal offers a unique 2 in 1 termite resistant waterproofing product for new and existing homes and is 100% Australian Owned.

TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Coating is a termite resistant and waterproof compound for joints, internal walls and termite/water-proof combination barrier for back-filled walls. This Multi-Purpose System comes with a 20 year product warranty for use on back-filled walls and external joints.

TERM-seal is the only Termite resistant waterproofing available on the market.  




TERM-seal termite systems are new, innovative and very cost competitive products developed for termite proofing new and existing buildings, with the bonus of the coatings and sealants also meeting the requirements for water-proofing solutions.

TERM-seal systems contain a low level of Bifenthrin that will kill and repel Termites, but are safe for humans. The active constituent, Bifenthrin is encapsulated into the polymers to provide an environmentally sound, long term Termite and Water-Proof Barrier. TERM-seal Active system and products are APVMA approved for use.

TERM-seal can be used on:

  • Concrete slabs.

  • Cement render.

  • Concrete and masonry blocks.

  • Compressed fibrous cement sheeting.

  • Timber posts, poles, fences, practically any timber situation.