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Termite Management Systems - New Homes, Extensions & Renovations

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, a Termite Management System must be installed as per the Australian Standard 3660.1. The purpose of this system is to deter undetected termite entry into the building. 

Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections is an accredited Kordon Installer and accredited Kordon Inspector servicing the northern end of the Sunshine Coast.

Kordon Installations: In new homes, extensions and renovations, we install and warrant Kordon to the requirements of the builder or home owner.

Kordon Inspections: If a home has had Kordon installed as part of its termite protection requirements, we are licensed to carry out the Annual Termite Inspections required by Bayer to maintain and extend the warranty on the Kordon product.

What is Kordon?

Kordon TB is a flexible termite protection system that offers a combined physical and uniquely repellent termite protection, when installed in conjunction with a concrete slab poured to AS 2870. Kordon TB can be installed as a perimeter termite barrier to all building types such as in-fill slabs, waffle pods, slab edge rebates or bearer and joist construction. Kordon TB can also be installed as a termite protection system for pipes and penetrations.

Kordon TMB is a complete underslab barrier, providing both termite and moisture protection. Kordon TMB is installed on the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid. All slab penetrations are individually protected by Kordon TMB as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon TMB.


This robust material can easily be molded or cut and joined to fit complex design features.  
Kordon comprises polyester webbing containing deltamethrin laminated between two UV stable, low-density polyethylene sheets. Its repellency creates an unpleasant environment for foraging termites and the spread of active ingredient is 100% consistent across the entire surface.

  • Fully compliant with the Australian Building Code.

  • Bayer provided 10 Year,  structural timber replacement warranty.

  • Fifty year – Life of the building termite protection.

  • Kordon is both environmentally friendly and free of allergens.

  • Kordon is an Australian developed and manufactured product.

  • Bayer Environmental Science provide global backing for Kordon.

  • Approved for use in ‘allergen-free’ construction.

  • Kordon is CodeMark certified that it meets all the requirements of the Australian Building Code.


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How does Kordon work?

Kordon is a flexible laminate that is installed in the building during the construction process to prevent concealed access by subterranean termites. Kordon contains deltamethrin which is highly repellent to termites.

Subterranean termites (termites) are social insects that live in a colony like bees and ants. Typically they form a nest in the soil or near ground level in a stump or trunk of a tree. They eat cellulose which is found in timber and timber products such as paper. Attack by termites originates from the nest. Foraging termites will seek cellulose up to 50m or more from their nest. Wood or timber lying or buried is reached by underground tunnels built by the termite workers. Timber above ground may be reached inside the timber or via mud walled tubes plastered to exposed surfaces. These tubes are built by the termites to shelter them from the light and maintain humidity. There are more than 350 species in Australia and about 30 are classified as economically important – that is they attack timber in buildings.

As well as eating timber, termites can damage non-cellulose materials such as soft concrete, soft metal and plastic, building sealants and foam insulation.

Cracks in concrete and the gap around pipes penetrating through the concrete slab offer easy access to termites. Kordon is installed where termites may attempt to gain access to the timber in a building. The deltamethrin in Kordon is highly repellent to termites and they will avoid close contact with it. Where Kordon is installed the termites will seek cellulose elsewhere or seek to go around the Kordon. When seeking to go around the Kordon the termites will build their mud tubes which will be detected during an inspection.  Steps can then be taken to eliminate the termite colony before significant damage can be done. When termites get concealed access, such as when Kordon is not installed, access is gained for a long period resulting in significant and expensive damage.

Tremendously effective & ideal for virtually all building applications the Kordon Termite Barrier system gives you the highest level of termite protection for your property.

Kordon Termite Protection
Kordon Termite Protection

Kordon termite protection to pipe penetrations & concrete slab cuts in new kitchen

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Kordon Termite Protection
Kordon Termite Protection

Kordon termite protection to pipe penetrations & concrete slab cuts to bathroom renovation

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Kordon Termite Protection
Kordon Termite Protection

Application of Kordon termite protection to pipe penetrations prior to pouring new concrete slab

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Kordon Termite Protection
Kordon Termite Protection

Application of Kordon termite protection to cold joint of existing concrete slab

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Kordon Warranty:


The extensive testing of Kordon by Bayer and various independent authorities has established that the barrier should remain effective for over 50 years – the commercial life of a building. Additionally when correctly installed by a currently accredited Kordon installer, Bayer provides a 10-year $100,000 structural timber replacement warranty against termite penetration. Upon completion of the building project, Bayer and the accredited installer provide a comprehensive set of documentation to the building owner. The Kordon documentation that will be supplied to the home owner includes the following:

  • The Kordon 10-year Warranty.

  • A Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standard 3660.1-2000 and the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • An Installation Report detailing exactly where Kordon has been installed.

  • The Annual Inspection Sticker to record the date of regular inspection.

Bayer helps protect your home from termites.

Termite Management


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