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Final / Handover Inspection & Report

Every year hundreds of thousands of buildings are constructed or renovated without any professional quality assurance. This means you take a risk that the new work you are buying is unfinished or needs defective work remedied.

A Final or Handover Report is an inexpensive way of ensuring new building work is up to standard. It’s an inspection performed on completion of construction prior to the house being occupied. Renovation or fit-out work should also be inspected on completion as well.

The Final Report should be reviewed then a copy of the items that need rectifying given to the builder to address. Once this is done, the builder can repair and complete what is required before you take possession.

The Report will identify:

  • Incomplete Work - Any items which are not finished.

  • Defective Work - Problems which need fixing. Digital photos of all defects will be included in the report.

  • Certification you require - Such as waterproofing and termite protection certificates.


Many people who have just built a new home or are looking to purchase a newly constructed or renovated home do not realise the property needs an inspection because it is brand new and “should be perfect.” This, unfortunately, is not the case. If you don't identify the problems prior to purchase or taking possession, you will face considerable difficulty and cost getting the contractor to fix them in the future.

Our comprehensive Final or Handover Report is available within 48 hours of inspection or earlier if urgent.


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