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Special Purpose Building Inspection & Report


Dilapidation Building Report

A Dilapidation Report is a report detailing the condition of a building, including its defects, prior to excavation or construction work being carried out on the building itself or on an adjacent or nearby building. The report is comprised of written observations, photographs and sometimes diagrams. Its purpose is to create a snapshot of the condition of buildings and/or infrastructure at a point in time and provide an accurate record of their condition.

Many Authorities require Dilapidation Reports to be carried out on properties adjoining, near, over or under proposed building or infrastructure works, or as part of the DA conditions of approval.

The purpose of Dilapidation Reports is to avoid costly litigation at the completion of building works by establishing a record of the condition of a building and/or infrastructure prior to construction commencing. Parties with an interest in the condition of a particular property sign the Report with a view to it being a safeguard should a dispute arise over alleged damage caused during the works.

We provide Dilapidation Reports within 48 hours but they can be supplied earlier if urgently required.