Termite Management Systems 

Termite Management for Existing Homes

There are a number of termite management options available for existing homes, each with varying costs, durability and maintenance requirements. We suggest a comprehensive approach to Termite Management which involves three key components:

  • Making conditions around the building less attractive to termites.

  • Having an annual professional Termite Inspection.

  • Installing a Termite Management System around the building to provide lasting protection.

Termite Management Systems are the best way to protect your home from termites. When combined with regular Termite Inspections, they greatly reduce the chances of termite attack on your property. The important point to remember with all Termite Management Systems is that they are designed to prevent termites from gaining hidden entry into your home. 

Broadly speaking there are two types of Termite Managements Systems that are used to protect existing buildings from termites:

  • Liquid Soil Treatments - liquid insecticide is installed around the perimeter of the property creating a treated zone which either repels or kills termites.

  • Termite Baiting Systems - Bait stations are placed in the ground around the property. Any termites in the area will start feeding on the bait in the station and when they do the pest manager treats the active termites in the station. The termites then take the  treatment  back to the nest, killing the colony.

Liquid Soil Treatments


Localised Treatments can be used to halt termite activity and deter further entry to the treated area but won’t prevent termites from finding an alternative route through untreated areas.    

Full Perimeter Treatments offer the best protection from undetected termite entry as they provide a continuous barrier around the whole building.

Two types of chemicals can be used:  

1. Repellent chemicals are easily detected and strongly avoided by termites. If access prevents some areas being treated, or if treated areas are later compromised, termites can recognize the gaps and enter through them.


2. Non Repellent chemicals are not detected by termites. As termites don’t avoid the chemical, they will pass through and die from contact with it. Individual termites exposed to the chemical will also pass it on to other members of the colony and cause a compounding effect. 

As termites don’t detect Non Repellents, they don’t recognise any difference between treated and untreated areas so entry through possible gaps is far less likely.      


A Reticulation System is a specially designed pipe system used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding a structure. This creates an impenetrable barrier, (if Repellent termiticides are used), or a death-trap for unsuspecting foraging termites, (in the case of Non-repellent termiticide chemicals), that move through impregnated soil.

Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections uses TermX Reticulation Systems which are specially engineered systems designed to deliver chemical termite treatments as a preventative measure for termites.  We lay a series of the pipe systems around or underneath a structure.  Then at a later stage, chemical is pumped through the pipes to create a barrier of protection. Once installed the system allows for quick application of a treatment to protect your most valued assets.

Termite Baiting Systems

If termite bait stations are recommended as the most effective Termite Management System for your home or building, Tewantin Pest Control & Building Inspections suggests installing one of the following types of stations.


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Sentricon Always Active Bait Stations

Sentricon® AlwaysActive™ is the new and very different way of continuously protecting your home against termites, harnessing the natural behaviour and biology of termites, together with a highly effective termiticide.


Exterra Termite Baiting System 

EXTERRA is a truly safe, environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites. EXTERRA uses a termites' natural instincts against them, eliminating the attacking termite AND their whole colony. Even after the colony is eliminated, EXTERRA Stations guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals. By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that's easy on both you and the environment. 


Termite Management


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